The Great Migration in Tanzania's Serengeti has been hyped for many years with good reason. This is the last outpost in the world where wildebeest, zebra and other ungulates migrate by the tens of thousands with predators prowling and providing drama and suspense. Unfortunately the great migration of homo sapiens to observe this phenomenon has become a problem for those who desire a safari without fighting the crowds. In The Place Where the Land Goes on Forever and Hemingway on Steroids we show how you can have exclusivity and privacy despite all this human influx. 

One facet of Tanzania that is often neglected by the madding crowds rushing to Serengeti are the animal-rich less publicized destinations in the southern part of the country. Selous, referred to by us as Giraffic Park due to its abundance of giraffes (and other animals) is on the list as well as Katavi National Park, Tanzania's Best Kept Secret. 

in Southern Africa exclusive properties abound and we have had the opportunity to go to many of them over the past years, with very few disappointments. It does not matter what animal tops your list. You are bound to find them here. You can follow lions on their hunt or bond with the elephants. To get a taste of what South Africa has to offer, even in the so-called off-season summer period read Summer Safari.  Also see why our guests are increasingly focused on Namibia, the so-called Land that God Made in Anger. New exciting destinations are awaiting in Zimbabwe and Zambia as you will discover in our report, Zigzagging through ZimZam.

So what are the Best Places to Go.  Not easy to decide as you will gather from this recent report. Nature is a factor and you are not going to zoos where you are assured of seeing animals in their cages and camps. So far, we have managed to make every journey worthwile for our guests by careful planning and combining the right properties. Contact us when you are ready.