My Mission


My mission is not merely to arrange memorable safaris for clients. While my main focus is, of course, on providing  guests with an outstanding experience, there is more to it than super comfort at the camps and spectacular sightings of the so-called Big Five.

As I have explained, during an interview on Channel 12, even one of the smallest of God's creatures such as the industrious little dung beetle can be as intriguing as the bulkiest land animal, the elephant. Observe, learn and be entertained. Get away from all the stuff that clutters your everyday existence and let Nature take over your life and your thoughts. It is reinvigorating.   

When thinking "Safari" one is reminded of the words of the song "Circle of Life" in the popular Broadway musical, LION KING: "There's more to see than can ever be seen…More to do than can ever be done…There's far too much to take in here…More to find than can ever be found…"

If there is one thing that I have learned through many years observing wildlife and birds from vehicles, on foot, helicopter, boats and elephant and horseback it is that every day is different. There is no typical day. Ethologists might think they know what motivate animals but eventually we find that much of it is speculation based on anthropomorphism.

I am still waiting for a plausible explanation of why a hippo in a waterhole in the wild would throw a stick in the air, catch it and dive repeatedly. Auditioning for a job at Miami's Seaquarium? Boredom? Simply showing off? Who knows. No wonder one expert tried to dismiss my pictures of this episode as "Photoshop creations."

It does not take long before you become an activist for conservation. Everyone knows about the plight of the rhinos that are being slaughtered to satisfy the mythical medicinal needs of the Far East and elephants that are hunted down indiscriminately by ivory seekers. But who would have thought that lions are becoming endangered too. In South Africa the number of lions in captivity on farms that offer so-called canned hunting actually exceeds the total roaming free in parks. Despite all the arguments in favor of steering trophy seekers towards these canned hunting farms, I find this practice sickening and an insult to real hunters. The endangered wild dogs (I prefer to call them "painted wolves") also need our assistance to survive.

And then there are the termite mounds that fit squarely into the Circle of Life--designed and built by these minute architects of Africa.  A pest elsewhere but in the animal kingdom a positive force. 

Finally, remember, it is not all about the animals. There are interesting people living in the vicinity who deserve a visit. I always make a point of asking guests whether they wish to take a side trip to villages and those who do are never disappointed.  Go and you might learn the meaning of happiness based on community values instead of material possessions.